Monday, September 16, 2013 Crossword Puzzle 9

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Welcome to the ninth installment of the crossword puzzle, published here for their Select Newsletter. As before, every word in the puzzle has something to do with Magic: The Gathering, including cards, concepts, lore, slang, and people.

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  1. Replies
    1. Apologies, the Revised edition Onulet I had on hand says Kerstin Kaman, as does the (supposedly correct and authoritative) Oracle text on Gatherer: However, given that all the other editions (with the same art) are credited to Anson Maddocks, and now that I'm looking for it I can see an "Anson" signature on the art itself, it's clear the Revised printing was in error, as is the Oracle text. I'll change the clue to another Kerstin Kaman card. (Though strangely Gatherer can't decide if her name is Kerstin or Kersten. I guess I'll go with what's printed.)

      Nice catch and thanks for the feedback!